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Reflecting on the Last 24 Hours

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Max Stearns

Yes, apparently Donald Trump actually did ask pharmaceutical executives whether giving the flu vaccine would help with the coronavirus. This is real. You can listen in just by clicking the link.

I am enthusiastically supporting Biden as my recent posts have made clear. To any readers who are sympathetic to the present White House occupant and who spend time pointing out Biden's senior moments or occasional verbal gaffes, I want to be entirely clear as to my position on that. I will only share in your enjoyment of pointing such things out after you first explain to me how Donald Trump's failure to understand the most foundational aspects of how a vaccine works--a process we rightly expect 2nd and 3rd graders to grasp after it is properly explained--is not far greater and more damaging evidence either of a profound cognitive deficiency or of severe cognitive decline.

Our nation can certainly withstand a well-intentioned Chief Executive prone to occasional verbal gaffes or senior moments, especially one who is virtually certain to surround himself with the truly talented advisors. It is, however, threatened by a narcissistic Chief Executive with the cognitive capacity of an 8 year old, and who "compensates" for his limitations by insisting that those who surround him tell him only what he wishes to hear.

Joe Biden had a great day yesterday. For those like me who think that this is wonderful news, we must all keep in mind that now the work truly begins.

Postscript: And now Bloomberg has dropped and endorsed Biden!

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