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PARLIAMENTARY AMERICA: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy (JHU Press 2024)--appearances with hyperlinks

Updated: 6 days ago

Following my book's publication in March 2024, I have done many podcasts, radio interviews, and speeches. In this post, I provide links to those that are publicly available and to where you can buy the book.

This rich assortment of media appearances includes Michelangelo Signorile (The Michaelangelo Show); Mike Pesca (The Gist); Larry Mantle (AirTalk, LAist); Robert Scheer (Scheer Intelligence, NPR); Alexis Madrigal (Forum, NPR); Jeffrey Schechtman (WhoWhatWhy); Trey Orndorff (Politics Guys); Michael Shermer (The Michael Shermer Show, Skeptic); Eric Segall (Supreme Myths); Mike Collins (Charlotte Talks); Molly Jong-Fast (Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast); Sheilah Kast (On the Record, NPR); Celeste Headlee (Hear Me Out, Slate); Sharon McMahon (Here’s Where it Get’s Interesting); Andrew Keen (KeenOn); Ian Masters (Background Briefing with Ian Masters); Vanessa Otero (Ad Fontes Webinar); Emily Zackin (Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore); Emily Zackin (Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall); Lee Drutman (Politics and Prose); Erika D. Smith (Zocalo Public Square); Paul Rosenberg (Salon-print).

Please choose your favorite(s), listen in (or watch), then please also buy the book for yourself, family and friends, and anyone else who you know cares deeply about ensuring US emerges from the crisis we are facing as a truly thriving multiparty democracy. We can fix our failing democracy. This book, which has been a genuine labor of love for 4 years, explains how.




Michelangelo Signorile, with Maxwell Stearns. The Michaelangelo Show, SiriusXM (April 23, 2024).

Mike Pesca, with Maxwell Stearns. The Gist Podcast, Peach Fish Productions (April 18, 2024) (conversation begins at 09:58).


Larry Mantle, with Maxwell Stearns. “What Would America Look Like With A Parliament?” AirTalk, LAist (April 17, 2024).


Robert Scheer, with Maxwell Stearns. “Is an American Parliament the Answer to Our Rotting Democracy?” Scheer Intelligence, NPR (April 12, 2024).


Alexis Madrigal, with Maxwell Stearns. “Doing Democracy: Should America Adopt a Parliamentary System of Government?” Forum, NPR (April 10, 2024).


Jeffrey Schechtman, with Maxwell Stearns. “Fixing the Unfixable: American Democracy Reimagined.” WhoWhatWhy Podcast (April 5, 2024).


Trey Orndorff, with Maxwell Stearns. “Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy.” The Politics Guys Podcast, The Democracy Group  (March 27, 2024).


Michael Shermer, with Maxwell Stearns. “Max Stearns — How to Repair America’s Broken Democracy.” The Michael Shermer Show, Skeptic (March 26, 2024).


Eric Segall, with Maxwell Stearns. “Professor Max Stearns.” Supreme Myths Podcast,Georgia State University (March 20, 2024).   


Mike Collins, with Maxwell Stearns.“‘Parliamentary America’ Author Maxwell Stearns on Fixing Our Democratic System.” Charlotte Talks Radio Show, NPR (March 11, 2024).


Molly Jong-Fast, with Maxwell Stearns. Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast, iHeartMedia (March 11, 2024) (conversation begins at 40:53).


Sheilah Kast, with Maxwell Stearns. “Not Too Many Political Parties, Not Too Few. A UMD Professor’s Plan to Save Our Democracy.” On The Record, NPR (March 8, 2024).


Celeste Headlee, with Maxwell Stearns “The House Should Elect The President.” Hear Me Out Podcast, Slate (March 5, 2024).


Sharon McMahon, with Maxwell Stearns. “Reimagining Democracy with Max Stearns.” Here’s Where it Get’s Interesting Podcast (March 4, 2024).

Andrew Keen, with Maxwell Stearns. “EPISODE 1977: Max Stearns on Why a ‘Parliamentary America’ Is the Best Fix for the Country’s Broken Democratic System.” KeenOn Podcast (March 2, 2024).                               

Ian Masters, with Maxwell Stearns. “A Plan to Reinvent Our Polarized and Dysfunctional Government.” Background Briefing with Ian Masters Podcast, Public Truth Media (February 21, 2024).             

Stearns, Maxwell, with CEO Vanessa Otero. Ad Fontes Media (April 10, 2024).


Stearns, Maxwell, with Emily Zackin. Enoch Pratt Free Library (March 11, 2024).


Stearns, Maxwell, with Emily Zackin. Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall.  "Parliamentary America: A New Vision of Democracy" (March 13, 2024).

Stearns, Maxwell. Politics & Prose, with Lee Drutman (March 10, 2024). Audio recording available here:


Stearns, Maxwell, with LA Times Reporter Erika D. Smith. Zocalo Public Square, Would Parliamentary America Have More Fun? (February 23, 2024).



Paul Rosenberg, interviewing Maxwell Stearns. “Could Parliamentary Democracy Save America?” Salon (March 9, 2024)


In the Green Room, Constitutional Lawyer Maxwell L. Stearns, Everybody’s Flawed, and Everybody Has Something to Contribute (March 1, 2024).


Wanda Haskel, interviewing Maxwell Stearns. “Professor Max Stearns proposes path to repair America’s broken democracy in new book” (January 5, 2024).

Links where you can purchase Parliamentary America:


JHU Press:


Barnes & Noble:

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Brendan O'Connor
Brendan O'Connor
13 mag

Hi Max, thanks so much for this book, I’ve been making my rounds on some of the podcasts you listed above and am deeply intrigued by your recommendations. I would like to dig into your book, and will probably wait till the audiobook becomes available (please update your list above or add a new blog post when it comes out if willing!).

My question that I’ve been listening for on some of the podcasts is if you have a sort of ground strategy for how to push this into action. I know the concept is explained of going through Constitutional amendments, opposed to a Constitutional convention, but could you say more about whether you are working on your own or…

Mi piace
6 days ago
Risposta a

Thank you, Brendan, for your kind words and for reaching out. The audiobook will be released June 4, and I will announce it when it does. You ask an important question. I'm giving many talks before varied audiences. I'll continue doing this work.

My goal is to educate people to understand the stakes and how we can fix the dire threat facing our democracy and emerge as a thriving multiparty democracy. I am not a politician, and I don't have an organization behind me. I hope to reach out to more and more groups, including politicians and other persons of influence, as this proceeds.

You are welcome to contact me via Maryland Carey Law, and we can follow up. Getting…

Mi piace
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