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Some Fun Conservative Rhetorical Tricks

If what Trump has done results in the departure of trusted advisors, focus on the fact that, as President, he is entitled to have advisors who share his world view.

If what Trump has done disregards the recommendations of advisors in favor of policy decisions based on ignorance or misinformation, focus on the fact that such policy decisions are not technically illegal.

If what Trump has done is technically illegal, focus on the fact that, as President, Trump cannot be indicted.

If what Trump has done is illegal and rises to the level of an impeachable offense, focus on the fact that impeachment is a political process, which will not result in Senate removal based on numbers.

If what Trump has done exceeds past instances in which impeachment was considered or used, focus on the fact that although Bill Clinton was impeached, he remained in office.

If what Trump has done is worse, and more dangerous, than what led to Bill Clinton's impeachment, focus on the fact that the real lesson of that impeachment was how unwise a course it was for Republicans to pursue.

If what Trump has done undermines investigations that might hold him politically or legally unaccountable, focus on the fact that he is surrounded by trusted advisors.

In New York City’s Central Park, this game is played with cups and a ball. Here it is played with nations, institutions, and human lives.

Comments, as always, are most welcome.


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