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Yesterday's Donald J. Trump quote on loving all people, rich or poor

I posted this elsewhere, and so I thought I would also share it with this audience. I will not send an email for this post.

"And I love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense? Does that make sense?"

Donald J. Trump


Yes, if you are afraid of learning that your policies will disproportionately burden poor communities, it makes sense.

Yes, if you are worried about uncovering how communities of color might be uniquely burdened by your policies, it makes sense.

Yes, if you are so convinced in the rightness of your thinking that you cannot be bothered to even listen to someone who might point out what you are missing, it makes sense.

Yes, if you are so insecure that, as with the proverbial emperor, someone might expose you as buck naked, it makes sense.

Yes, if you believe that those who are wealthy deserve all they have and those who are poor do as well, disregarding entirely the fortuity of the circumstances in which we all find ourselves, despite our best efforts, yes it makes sense.

But no, if you are decent human being who really "loves all people, rich and poor," and beyond that, all people, black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, transgender, or whatever "other" I have omitted, then no, surrounding yourself only with wealthy persons and assuming that they will somehow, as if by osmosis, internalize, understand, and convey the concerns of all Americans, especially respecting economic policy, then no, it does not make sense. It is simply offensive.

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